Shutter magic by Jimmy

Jimmy aka shuttermayfire is one of my favorite photographers on Instagram. He truly is on top of his game and definitely as one some of the most brilliant way of editing his stunning captures. Every frame he posts are full of magic and mystery combined with perfect dark tones and  stunning red and green accents. He really does create a beautiful world I would love to visit. Please take a moment to visit his Instagram @shuttermayfire and his website

Inside Flavie's beautiful world

Don't you just love it when you look at photos and you're instantaneously drawn into them. This is exactly what happens with Flavie's photography. Her images are truly compelling with great dark tones, fantastic moods and always a nice touch of mystery. If like me you enjoy this style of photography, I strongly suggest you check out her beautiful Instagram page right here @holly_flax for more great photos.

Eloise's quiet simplicity

It's hard to find portrait photographers that stand out. This is exactly the case with Eloise Turgeon. This Montreal based photographer is quite the talent. Her portraits are amazingly beautiful. The quiet simplicity of her captures are really beautiful. If like me you find that her work stands out, you can visit her instagram right here @eloiseturgeon

The cinematic world of Mustafa Hacalaki

If there's is one thing I enjoy more than anything else in photography it's the ability of a photographer to set a particular mood and convey strong emotions. For me Mustafa Hacalaki's photography is the perfect embodiment of that. His work is a cinematic universe that he shares frame by frame. I love the feeling of being drawn into an image and wonder what's was happening at the moment it was captured. The dark tones and moody themes he creates are always stunning and of great beauty. You can see his amazing work on Instagram @mhacalaki or on his website