A day with Yasmine

I don't get to do as much portrait photography as I would like to. I do take shots of random people on the street but that is still in my comfort zone and it's not a challenge for me. Also I don't want to shoot pro models. I prefer taking portraits of everyday 'regular' people that have a special something. I have a few ideas about different friends but one person always kept popping up in my head. So I reached out to my friend Yasmine. F. Guérin a super talented portrait photographer right here in Montréal. 

She's been a great inspiration to me. I love her work and how she always tries to be different with her approche to photography and plus she as that "I don't give a f**k attitude that I really appreciate in a subject. So we headed out downtown last week and everything went perfectly and I'm extremly happy with the results. She comes out really well and I will definitely have to repeat that experience sooner than latter. Please take a few minutes to check out her Instagram page. Follow and like if you find her work as inspiaring as I do 😎